What we’re reading: Storm stops biz travel, visiting Friedrichshafen, Vegas’ neon museum


Monster storm could have wide-ranging impact on biz travel

Hurricane Sandy could cost the business travel industry $600 million in spending and cancellations.

According to this model, business travel could lose as much as 514,000 trips and $606 million in spending due to storm-related cancellations. Interrupted business trips could result in a total GDP loss of about $675 million, it predicted.

Wish you were here: Friedrichshafen, Germany

If you find yourself in Germany and you are an aviation buff, take a detour to Friedrichshafen.

At the Zeppelin Halle near Friedrichshafen-Bodensee Airport, the dirigibles still take passengers up on the same route over Lake Constance as the Count’s 1900 maiden flight.

Another reason we’re in Friedrichshafen is the Dornier Museum. More aviation-geekiness, we know, but it’s awesome.

Expanded Neon Museum in Las Vegas reopens

When it first started, the Neon Museum rescued old neon signs from the scrap heap. Now, it has built a visitors center and added lights so night tours could begin soon.

There’s the museum’s oldest sign: a 1930s relic that once marked a restaurant frequented by Boulder Dam construction workers. It’s an entry point into the story of how that public works marvel shaped the southern Nevada economy, and how businesses relished the end of Prohibition.

(Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr Creative Commons)