What we’re reading: Boeing adds cell phone compatibility, ANA orders more 787s, avoiding AA


Boeing adding cell phone compatibility to some of its airliners by 2013

Boeing is planning on adding the ability for passengers to use their cell phones on board to some of its airliners by 2013.

It’s begun the process of outfitting new models of its 747, 777, and 787 airliners with hardware to allow incoming and outgoing calls, with the aim of making them available to airlines by 2013. It even has a kit in the works that will let airlines upgrade existing 787 jumbo jets to support cellular calls.

ANA orders 11 more 787-9s

Launch Dreamliner customer ANA has ordered 11 more 787s.

All 11 of the new orders will be the 787-9 model and will be delivered between fiscal year 2018 and 2021, ANA said. This will give ANA a fleet of 36 -8s and 30 -9s.

Why you might not want to fly American right now

If you have plans on flying American Airlines this fall, you may want to choose another airline.

As American works through its bankruptcy proceedings, labor strife between the pilots and management is starting to heat up — and passengers are beginning to pay the price.

The airline expects to cancel up to 2 percent of its total flights through the end of October because of the disputes.