What we’re reading: Cheaper to fly to Maui, spilled soda & popcorn caused loose seats, London needs new airport


It’s cheaper to fly to Maui than … Cleveland?

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s cheaper for you to get a flight to Maui than to Cleveland.

No, the beaches of Lake Erie didn’t suddenly come into high demand. Rather, Hawaiian Airlines just doubled the amount of non-stop flights on its direct routes to Maui out of Oakland and San Jose. To celebrate this momentous occasion the airline is offering unheard-of fares that will leave you digging through your closet for that old aloha shirt.

Really? American blames loose seats on spilled beverages

American Airlines has come up with an explanation as to how its seats came loose on the 757s.

Something called the seat lock plunger mechanism can “get gunked up over time with people spilling sodas, popcorn, coffee or whatever and that can affect that locking mechanism on the ground that locks the seat to the floor,” airline spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan said Friday.

London needs four-runway airport, says study

A study by Policy Exchange said that London needs an airport with four runways.

Construction of a four-runway airport close to the current Heathrow hub in west London is the best option for the UK, with a four-runway airport in Luton, north of London, the next-best solution to the capacity squeeze at UK airports, the study said.

(Photo: Sunsplash/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Charles

    But how can soda and popcorn or anything else, cause the brackets to be reversed????

  • Anonymous

    HA isn’t the only carrier offering the low fare to OGG.

  • baasbaas1

    And only passenger who fly American spill stuff………..OR……….the other airlines are cleaner !