What we’re reading: China’s “Pants of the East,” AA responds to Down Syndrome incident, Boeing weighs less costly labor


New Chinese skyscraper resembles a pair of pants

China’s newest skyscraper in Suzhou is supposed to be an iconic “gate of the east.” However, it is being ridiculed because, at night, it looks like a pair of pants.

Thus far, it seems as though most people are seeing the iconic masterpiece as a joke.

On China’s blogging website Weibo, one user commented, “This should be called the Pants of the East, not the Gate of the East.”

The Shanghai Daily also questioned the structure, asking, “Is it an arch or just plain pants?”

American Airlines responds to Down Syndrome flier incident

Last week we reported how a family said they were kicked off an American Airlines flight because the son had Down Syndrome. American Airlines has responded to the incident.

Our team, along with the Captain of the flight, worked with the family for more than 30 minutes to try and calm the teen down. There were times when he was calm, but unfortunately, when it came time to board the flight he became agitated again. We tried to work with the family to come up with alternate solutions, which included an offer to rebook the family on the next flight in order to give the teen time to acclimate to his surroundings.

Boeing weighs less costly sites amid contentious labor talks

Boeing is saying that development work on future airliners may be done at less expensive sites outside of Seattle.

While keeping the renewed focus on engineering championed by former Commercial Airplanes President Jim Albaugh, Boeing can draw on resources from across the breadth of the company, not just those in the Puget Sound region, Mike Delaney, the chief engineer, said yesterday.

(Photo: RMJM)