What we’re reading: Control towers that will close, LAX runway battle, 787 battery solution


FAA to close 238 air traffic control towers, including 20 in Florida; see list

The FAA has released the 238 air traffic control towers that will close because of sequestration.

195 of those towers are operated under contracts, while only 45 are operated by the FAA. Additionally, overnight operations at some airports will be curtailed, most likely class C airports, or mid-sized airports.

Neighbors battle Los Angeles airport’s plans to move runway

The biggest and loudest battle the last few years has been Los Angeles airport’s plan to move the northernmost runway closer to homes.

“We’re not going to sit back and not protect the region from the environmental impacts that are caused by another expansion at LAX,” said Denny Schneider, who heads the community group Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion. Asked if a lawsuit was in the offing, Schneider replied, “Yeah, putting it bluntly.”

FAA approves Boeing’s 787 battery solution

The FAA has approved Boeing’s proposal that will fix the 787 Dreamliner battery problems.

Boeing would be required to conduct “extensive testing and analysis to demonstrate compliance” with safety regulations, says the FAA today, almost two months after it grounded the 787 fleet on January 16.

(Photo: Jelson25/Wikimedia Creative Commons)