What we’re reading: Costa Concordia captain says he’s innocent, Thanskgiving down under, world’s largest plane billboard


Captain of wrecked cruise ship cries foul, says he’s innocent

The captain of the Costa Concordia says that he is innocent and will tell all in his new book.

“Soon I will reveal the shocking truth,” [Captain Francesco] Schettino told Italian newspaper Il Giornale as reported by the Telegraph. “And then all those people who denigrated me will have to apologize, not to me but to the families of the victims and to the public, which was conned with false information.”

How an expat recreates Thanksgiving in Australia

Jetflyboy is an American living in Australia. He tells us how he celebrates Thanksgiving there.

What is easiest for a Thanksgiving Down Under:
· Just like Americans, Aussies love a reason to gather around the table with friends and family to celebrate. I find it very easy to rally my friends for the feast.

World’s largest plane billboard celebrates release of Hobbit film

The world’s largest plane billboard will take to the skies this week in celebration of the release of the new Hobbit film.

A Boeing 777-300ER will take off from Auckland on Saturday (November 24th) with a 830 square-metre advert for the film stretched across its exterior.

The plane will land in Los Angeles and London in a slick effort to promote the highly anticipated new film.

  • Carrie Charney

    Well, I guess Schettino now wants to get rich off his victims. He certainly can’t get better publicity. Hopefully,the public won’t be buying…