What we’re reading: Crandall’s view on merger, TSA laughing at your image, hangover recovery tips


Crandall’s view on an American-US Airways merger.

Ex-American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall has put up a YouTube video on his thoughts on the possible merger between American Airlines and US Airways.

In the video Crandall points out a variety of challenges that exist in a potential merger. Crandall, however, supports a merger if a pilot seniority agreement can be reached between the two carriers…

Ex-TSA screener: Officers “laughing” at your naked image

An ex-TSA screener has put up a blog telling everyone that TSA officers routinely laugh at passengers’ naked bodies in back rooms.

In a blog entitled Taking Sense Away, the anonymous ex-TSA worker reveals how he, “Witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of e-cigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passengers.”

Hangover cures: A global primer

If you plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve with lots of partying, here are some tips from around the world to cure the hangover when you’ve had too much and feeling it the next morning.

St. Barts
On this notorious party island, the secret is to stay awake. Pull an all-nighter, and when “the bakery” in St. Jean opens, score a croissant straight out of the oven. Devour it, cross the street and jump into the ocean.