What we’re reading: Cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint back in SoCal, blaze sets cruise ship adrift, FAA proposes airline pilot qualifications boost


Carnival splendor passengers robbed at gunpoint back in SoCal

Carnival Splendor passengers, who were robbed in Puerto Vallarta during a shore excursion, are back in Southern California.

On Thursday, 22 passengers were on a bus returning to ship after a guided nature trail excursion in Puerto Vallarta when a gang of masked assailants stopped the bus, according to Mexican media reports.

The armed robbers made off with the passengers’ valuables, including money, jewelry, cameras and passports. No one was hurt.

Blaze sets Italian cruise ship adrift off Seychelles

A fire aboard the Costa Allerga, sister ship of the Costa Concordia, left the ship without power off the Seychelles on Monday.

Two tug boats from the island nation of Seychelles were steaming toward the drifting Costa Allegra, which had 636 passengers and 413 crew members on board, but those rescuers were not expected to arrive until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

Italian coast guard officials said a large French fishing boat could be the first vessel to reach the stricken cruise liner.

FAA wants to boost airline pilot qualifications

The Federal Aviation Administration wants co-pilots to have the same qualifications as a captain before they are allowed to take control of an airliner.

The proposed regulations would increase the minimum number of flight hours required to fly for a commercial air carrier to 1,500 for all pilots. Captains already have to meet that threshold, but co-pilots currently need only 250 hours to fly for an airline.

The proposal is the first increase in the threshold to become a co-pilot since 1973, when the FAA raised the minimum number of hours from 200 to 250.

(Photo: aresauburn/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Davidg

    How much more bad publicity can Carnival Cruises and its subsiduaries take!

  • AKFlyer

    Article on so-called “co pilots”  (DH is a “First Officer” or FO and you don’t hear anyone but general public using the co-pilot term) is ridiculous.  No major airline, PAX or freight, is going to hire any pilot with such low flight hours.  DH flies int’l over-water routes in excess of 8 hrs so he has to have the same training quals and 1st class medical certificates as the captain, because he serves as PIC when the captain is asleep and the RFO is the other pilot.  Getting hired by the majors — especially those that pay well (UPS and FedEx, not PAX airlines) is a major coups with many applicants having almost 10k jet flight hours, much of that as PIC (pilot in command).

    In short, the sky is not falling in.