What we’re reading: Delta fined $750,000, NTSB unlikely to reopen TWA investigation, how US airlines can compete globally


Delta fined for mishandling bumped passengers

The Department of Transportation fined Delta Air Lines $750,000 for involuntarily bumping passengers without compensation or seeking volunteers first.

The agency said it found numerous cases where Delta failed to tell overbooked passengers about their rights to get payments, failed to provide written notice, or failed to seek volunteers before bumping passengers involuntarily.

NTSB unlikely to reopen TWA 800 investigation

Despite a documentary that encouraged the NTSB to investigate the missile theory as to what brought TWA 800 down, the board said that it is unlikely to do so.

John Goglia, who served two terms on the board from 1995-2004, told The Street that since the request went through official channels, the board will do some preliminary work, likely focusing on the radar tracks from the accident. But, he said, “I don’t think, from what I’ve seen, that they’ve made the threshold.”

How can US airlines compete in today’s global market?

Juergen T. Steinmetz, ETN publisher, compares the US airlines to airlines overseas and how the US airlines can compete.

On almost all international carriers, passengers get a tasteful warm meal — in economy class. Recently I flew on a one-hour flight on Sri Lankan from Colombo to the Maldives in economy, and a spicy tasteful hot meal was served.

Back home in US, flying on domestic carriers…[f]orget pillows, cold meals are for sale, and every 3 hours a flight attendant will go through the aisle and offer a small cup of warm water.