What we’re reading: Delta most expensed airline, slim-line airplane seats, Asiana victims sue Boeing

Delta most expensed airline in U.S.

Delta Air Lines was the most expensed airline by business travelers in 2013.

In 2013, the average expense reimbursement for travelers buying a ticket with Delta was $390.72, a far smaller amount than the $474.25 average in 2012.

Many passengers dislike ‘slim-line’ airplane seats, survey says

Slim-line seats have thinner seat-back cushions which allow airlines to fit more seats. However, a recent survey shows that passengers dislike them.

A new survey by the travel website TripAdvisor shows that many passengers who have tried slim-line seats are not fans.

[O]f those who said they had tried the seats, 83 [percent] said they were less comfortable than traditional seats, 8 [percent] said the slim-line seats were more comfortable, and 9 [percent] said they couldn’t tell the difference.

Asiana Airlines crash victims sue Boeing

Victims of the Asiana Airlines that crashed in San Francisco is suing Boeing in an Illinois court.

The lawsuit alleges that some equipment on the plane was improperly installed or defective, resulting in inadequate warnings for the pilots about low airspeed.

“Boeing was aware that its low airspeed warning system was inadequate,” the suit states.