What we’re reading: Delta to honor super-low mistake fare, undercounted airline delays, cross-dressing man caught on Newark runways

Delta to honor super-low mistake fares

Travelers going to Delta’s website to book a flight thought that they were getting a present the day after Christmas. Fares were going as low as $20 roundtrip.

The airline told ABC News that it would honor these “mistake fares.”

As of 1 p.m., Google Flights still showed extremely low prices on Delta. ABC News found $47 fares from New York City to Los Angeles, a flight that would typically cost about $400.

Aviation report finds that airline delays are undercounted

An inspector general’s report finds that flight delays are “significantly undercounted at some of the biggest U.S. hub airports.”

Statistics for carriers such as American Airlines Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. don’t include late arrivals by regional partners that account for almost one-fourth of U.S. flights and are exempt from reporting delays, the Transportation Department report said.

Cross-dressing man caught on Newark runways

The Port Authority’s perimeter-protection system failed to detect that a man, dressed as a woman, hopped a fence at Newark Liberty airport and crossed two runways.

Siyah Bryant, 24, of Jersey City, was wearing women’s red pants and a smart brown sweater as he allegedly walked onto the tarmac at about 4:20 a.m. after a tryst in a car near the airport went bad.

Newark’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System should have alerted officials to Bryant’s presence long before he took his turn on the runway — but the $300 million-plus system flunked.

  • Johnp

    $300 million-plus system but they saved money on not hiring someone to monitor the system. Nothing like cutting costs — the wrong way.

  • JoeInAtlanta

    I think you (and your New York Post source) are sensationalizing the clothing of the intruder at Newark.

    Let’s have a little more of an adult understanding of transvestism in specific, and transgender issues in general: If the clothing had some relevance to the story, then don’t be too lazy to connect the dots as you’re telling that story. If the clothing didn’t have relevance to the story, it absolutely shouldn’t be part of the headline, and probably isn’t worth mentioning at all.

  • http://tsanewsblog.com/214/news/history-repeats-itself-with-tsas-strip-search-tactics/ Lisa Simeone

    No problem — as long as the TSA gropes every other person inside the airport, we’re all “safe”!