What we’re reading: Disney’s RFID bracelet ups attendance, what Americans try to bring onboard, TSA banning all liquids to Russia


Magic Kingdom gets attendance boost from RFID bracelets

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was able to accommodate an additional 3,000 guests during the peak holiday season due to the new MyMagic+ program.

The MyMagic+ technology being rolled out at Walt Disney World includes MagicBand radio-frequency identification (RFID) bracelets with which guests can make purchases and secure FastPass access to attractions.

[Disney CEO Bob] Iger said that the FastPass+ feature, which gives MyMagic+ users the ability to reserve three times on three attractions per day, is seeing “substantially higher utilization” than the traditional FastPass system.

Crazy things Americans tried to take on planes in 2013

People try to bring lots of items that TSA would not allow. How they try to bring it onboard makes it crazier.

In what was believed to be an attempt to avoid declaring his firearms, a passenger at Houston (IAH) wrapped two guns in newspaper and placed them in a box of detergent powder in his checked baggage,” wrote TSA blogger Bob Burns.

Another passenger was found at Salt Lake City with a non-metallic dagger strung around his neck with fishing wire.

TSA: No carry-on liquids on Russia-bound flights after Sochi toothpaste bomb threat

If you’re heading to Russia for the Olympic Games, pack your liquids, gels, and aerosols in checked luggage, no matter how small.

The new temporary restriction comes a day after the U.S. government sent to U.S.- and foreign-based airlines saying that extremists “may target aviation” with bomb-making materials hidden in toothpaste or cosmetic tubes as part of a broader effort to violently disrupt the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

(Photo: Dom497/Wikimedia Commons)

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    Oh, no, not the dreaded Terrorist Toothpaste! Plus the evil Terrorist Deodorant, Terrorist Hairspray, and Terrorist Baby Powder! O woe is us! The Terrorists Are Everywhere™!