What we’re reading: Domestic dispute likely behind bomb threat, fussy toddler gets family removed from flight, US Airways/AA merger rumored


FBI: Domestic dispute behind bomb scare aboard JetBlue plane

Officials are saying that a domestic dispute could be the reason behind a bomb threat to JetBlue.

Authorities got a call Monday morning regarding JetBlue’s Flight 923, which left Boston’s Logan International Airport en route to O’Hare International Airport, according to Steven Lanser, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Buffalo office.

A woman caller in the Boston area said there was a woman aboard who could possibly pose a threat, Lanser said.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston located the caller and charges are pending. “It appears it wasn’t a valid threat,” he said.

Airline grounds family for fussy toddler

Two-year old Natalie Vieau threw a tantrum as her family boarded a JetBlue flight to Boston and her parents tried their best to calm her down, but the captain asked them to get off the plane.

When Natalie refused to sit down, her parents eventually got her seat belt fastened and held her in place.

But. the Rhode Island famliy was kicked off the flight anyway.

“We were holding them down with all of our might, seat belt on. And I said, ‘We have them seated. Can we go now?’ She said the pilot’s made a decision to turn the plane around,” Vieau said.

American Airlines merger with U.S. Airways is a go, suggest domain registrations

If domain name registrations can be believed, the merger between American Airlines and US Airways is a done deal.

On Friday, the same day American parent company AMR asked for an extension on its bankruptcy reorganization, American Airlines or U.S. Airways registered a number of domains for the combined entity. The domains were registered through DNStinations, an affiliate of brand protection company MarkMonitor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=576001031 Jeff Linder

    As far as the Jet Blue story – does anyone else have an issue with the phrase “We were holding them down with all our might, can we go now?”  Does that sound like a safe situation for 2 hours to anyone?

    US/AA Merger – Gawd I hope note – US Air has finally been making progress in PHL (and they still have a distance to go).  An AA merger would be 10 steps back.


  • Anonymous

    Since the family was involuntarily denied to fly, there should have been no charges for the flight the next day. They had already paid to get from point A to point B and one cannot always control a toddler without resorting to illegal methods (nor should one.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=576001031 Jeff Linder

     I’ll agree they should at least get credit for their tickets.