What we’re reading: Dreamliner inovative inside and outside, Dutch plan airport scanners, Hard Rock Hotel opens all-suites tower



Boeing’s 787, as innovative inside as outside

The Dreamliner’s airframe is innovative to begin with, but inside, Boeing strived for passenger comfort with new innovations.

The aerospace company decided an all-new airplane needs an all-new interior and went all-out to make the 787’s interior as innovative as its airframe, aerodynamics and engines. From the air you breath to the turbulence you (won’t) feel to the windows you look through, the passenger experience promises to provide something new at every stage of your flight.

“When you go inside a 787 mockup, you get this ‘wow!'” said airline analyst Scott Hamilton, who got to see a demo interior at Boeing’s facility near Seattle.

You know the 787 is something different the moment you step inside.

Dutch plan new airport scanners after Detroit scare

Schipol Airport officials say that they will be requiring new, more sensitive scanners after the Nigerian man passed through security with explosives all over his body.

Ad Rutten, the chief operating officer of Schiphol Group, told a news conference the airport would make the new microwave detectors compulsory pending approval from European authorities.

The current generation of scanners only detect metal objects, while the microwave scanners can detect unusual objects on the body and hidden under clothing.

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas opens all-suites tower

You can now stay at one of the all-new suites at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and “feel like a rock star.”

The HRH Towers press materials claim extra privacy and more refined atmosphere will grace the halls of the tower suites (a clear departure from the typical chaos and raucous atmosphere of the iconic Hard Rock Hotel). The suites range from 701 to 4,300 square feet and come equipped with the ultimate rock paraphernalia: an AMX 12″ Touch Panel Juke Box System featuring over 2000 songs and two 40″ Bravia LCD TV with DVD players.

(Photo: Kaloozer/Flickr Creative Commons)