What we’re reading: Duct tape restraint, TSA puzzled by toothbrush, what flight attendants want to tell you


Unruly passenger duct taped to airline seat

An Icelandair passenger from Reykjavik to New York became so drunk and unruly, he had to be duct taped to his seat.

According to witnesses, the unidentified man spit on passengers and the flight crew and was screaming that “the plane was going to crash.”

The man was “hitting, screaming and spitting at other passengers, while yelling profanities,” according to airline spokesman Michael Raucheisen, who said the passenger’s “behavior was considered to be unruly and threatening.”

Atlanta airport diverted by toothbrush

A portion of the Hartsfield-Jackson airport had to be diverted for a half hour because of a toothbrush.

Airport officials told Channel 2 Action News that an electric toothbrush began vibrating inside a bag checked onto an AirTran flight, causing workers to alert airport officials to the strange noise.

17 things your flight attendant won’t tell you

If they had the nerve, flight attendants would love to do things to those passengers who make their life a nightmare. Here are some of them.

1. You know that coffee you ordered? It’s actually decaf even though you asked for regular. We’d rather that you sit back, relax and fall asleep so you don’t bother us too much. Our airline sent around a memo wondering why the decaf supplies were going so fast, noting that decaf costs more than regular coffee.

  • dcta

    Dad sent me off to college with a tool kit: a screwdriver, hammer, assorted screws and nails, a ruler and a tape measure AND a big fat roll of DUCT TAPE!!

  • AKFlyer

    Duct-taping near or on someone’s nose or mouth is a very bad idea, especially if they are drunk. If they vomit or the tape slips, they can easily suffocate or aspirate the vomit. An aircraft cabin pressurized to only 8,000′ plus any underlying cardiovascular issues makes this worse. There is no safe way to stop a person from shouting by gagging them. While the drunk guy’s verbalizations may have been highly annoying, that’s no excuse to kill him. I see a gross negligence lawsuit here.

  • pauletteb

    The safety and well-being of a plane full of people outweighs that of one a-hole!

  • AKFlyer

    All of you are missing my point: the people who taped around the guy’s mouth and nose didn’t know that he wouldn’t die or acquire a lung infection from inhaling vomitus. They obviously just wanted to shut him up — there is no other reason to tape this part of a person’s anatomy. Once he was physically restrained he was not a threat to anyone else’s safety, so you can’t use “the good of the many” argument.

    I wonder how many of you pride yourselves on being moral/ethical people? Yet you would condone an action that — believe me — did endanger this person, and also gave him a legal cause of action. Brutality towards other human beings is not OK in my book and I don’t know of many religious traditions that support it, either.

    There need to be guidelines for restraining agitated passengers that keep them from harming others while protecting them from serious harm themselves.

  • bodega3

    He was spitting and yelling, so they did what they had to do to keep him from causing problems for the other passengers. He caused this and I am sure they did the best they could with what they had available. I have zero sympathy for him.

  • bodega3

    IMHO he put himself in a place that put other passengers in danger and they did what they had to do. He has only himself to blame.

  • dcta

    They didn’t kill him, he has no damages – he doesn’t have a suit at all.

  • pauletteb

    Try to pass off decaf as regular, and you’ll (politely, of course) get it back after the first sip. Many have tried, but no one has ever been able to fool my taste buds. Decaf simply has no soul!

  • Carrie Charney

    If decaf were my second cup of the day, then no problem. However, if I didn’t have time for a cup of regular before my flight, then caffeine withdrawal would make me one in-pain miserable passenger. I try my best to have that coffee before boarding.