Unruly passenger duct taped to airline seat

An Icelandair passenger from Reykjavik to New York became so drunk and unruly, he had to be duct taped to his seat.

According to witnesses, the unidentified man spit on passengers and the flight crew and was screaming that “the plane was going to crash.”

The man was “hitting, screaming and spitting at other passengers, while yelling profanities,” according to airline spokesman Michael Raucheisen, who said the passenger’s “behavior was considered to be unruly and threatening.”

Atlanta airport diverted by toothbrush

A portion of the Hartsfield-Jackson airport had to be diverted for a half hour because of a toothbrush.

Airport officials told Channel 2 Action News that an electric toothbrush began vibrating inside a bag checked onto an AirTran flight, causing workers to alert airport officials to the strange noise.

17 things your flight attendant won’t tell you

If they had the nerve, flight attendants would love to do things to those passengers who make their life a nightmare. Here are some of them.

1. You know that coffee you ordered? It’s actually decaf even though you asked for regular. We’d rather that you sit back, relax and fall asleep so you don’t bother us too much. Our airline sent around a memo wondering why the decaf supplies were going so fast, noting that decaf costs more than regular coffee.