What we’re reading: FAA bans electronic devices in cockpit, House committee votes to ban in-flight calling, safety in paradise


New FAA rule bars personal use of mobile phones and computers in cockpit

The FAA has just issued a regulation that would ban use of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets by the pilots for personal use while in the cockpit.

The final rule, which was released Tuesday, goes into effect in two months.

The agency said that it “codifies existing FAA policies and procedures” and also complies with the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 that prohibits commercial flight crews from using such devices for personal reasons.

US Representatives push for a bill banning in-flight calls

The US House of Representatives is pushing a bill that would ban in-flight calls.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, on a voice vote with no opposition, sent the bill to the full House. It was unclear when it would be considered there. Similar legislation has been introduced by a Senate committee.

The bills came in response to a move by the Federal Communications Commission to consider lifting the prohibition on in-flight calls within the United States, because they no longer pose a hazard to aviation electronics.

Safety in Paradise

Leave it to Air New Zealand to come up with a creative way of showing a safety video. The airline has partnered with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and the Cook Islands to demonstrate the safety features of their aircraft.