What we’re reading: FAA investigating Denver tower delays, Naples (Italy) hosts America’s Cup, Alaska Air partners with pet hospital


FAA still investigating Denver International Airport’s air controllers during emergency landing

The Federal Aviation Administration is still investigating the controllers’ actions at Denver International Airport during an emergency landing on Tuesday.

[United Express 5912]’s pilot made a mayday call while on final approach to DIA, asking for fire trucks to meet the plane at the runway because of smoke, but recordings show air traffic controllers did not understand the call.

Fire trucks were not dispatched by air traffic controllers until after the plane was on the ground, nearly five minutes after the pilot requested the trucks, according to 9NEWS Aviation Analyst Greg Feith.

Naples, Italy, musters its best and brightest to pull off the America’s Cup

Naples, Italy, is getting the city ready to host America’s Cup from April 11 to April 15.

Evening photographs of the bay of Naples with catamarans lit up and a full moon over Mount Vesuvius have been flooding the Internet, in magnificent opposition to the images that circulated worldwide only ten months ago which showed a city submerged under mountains of garbage.

Alaska Airlines partners with Banfield Pet Hospital for fur-st class pet care

Alaska Airlines announced on Monday that they have partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to get pets ready for travel.

With more than 800 hospitals in 43 states, Banfield Pet Hospital is offering Alaska Airlines customers traveling with or shipping their pets a free office visit, travel consultation and $10discount on a health certificate, which is required for all pets traveling in the cabin, as baggage or as air cargo.

“We know pets play an important role in our lives and we share Alaska’s commitment to fostering the human-pet bond by being one of the leading airlines for pet travel,” said Dr. Karen Johnson, vice president and client advocate for Banfield Pet Hospital.

(Photo: redlegsfan21/Flickr Creative Commons)