What we’re reading: FAA to study portable electronic usage in flight, EU app helps passengers get compensation, United flights delayed due to computer outage


FAA to study allowing more electronic device use during flight

The Federal Aviation Administration is studying whether passengers have to turn off their electronic devices when the airplane doors close.

The FAA said Monday that it was launching a study group to review its policies regarding electronic devices, which have been criticized by airline passengers in recent years as they reluctantly unplug in an increasingly plugged-in society.

The FAA said its study would not include consideration of allowing “voice communications” during flights.

Has your flight been delayed, overbooked or canceled? This new app helps passengers get their compensation

If you encounter problems with your flight, head on over to refund.me and you can check whether you are entitled to compensation.

The passenger only has to enter their flight no. and a few additional details into their smart phone and a few seconds later they will know how much they could expect as a refund. The information is adjusted in accordance with EU regulation 261/2004 and other factors. The complaint form is created in real time; it can be signed by mobile phone or online and is transmitted automatically to the respective airline.

United Airlines delays due to computer outage

United Airlines flights were delayed or grounded on Tuesday as a computer outage prevented passengers from checking in.

The airline said a “network outage” was to blame, the AP reported.

The airline has resolved the glitches, but flight delays continue.

United.com was offline for a few hours, but appears to be loading again.