Air Canada jet in emergency landing after debris reportedly ‘falls from plane onto cars below’

An Air Canada plane from Toronto to Japan was forced to make an emergency landing after passengers noticed smoke.

Air Canada officials say one of the Boeing 777’s engines shut down and the crew carried out a routine emergency procedure that saw the aircraft carrying 318 passengers land safely back at Pearson around 4 p.m.

“Aircrafts such as these are designed to fly on one engine and our pilots are trained for such an eventuality,” Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said.

Noise spurs Southwest pilot to abort flight to Las Vegas

A Southwest Airlines flight from Burbank to Las Vegas was forced to abort when pilots heard noise coming from the back of the plane.

Airline spokesman Paul Flaningan said a loud noise was heard from one of the engines of the Boeing 737, so the pilot shut down that engine and returned to Bob Hope Airport.

Flaningan said the aircraft landed without incident.

Airlines urged to let parents sit with kids

New York Senator Charles Schumer is urging airlines to allow parents to sit with their kids without having to pay extra.

The New York Democrat is reacting to an Associated Press story last week detailing how families this summer are going to find it harder to sit together without paying fees that can add up to hundreds of dollars over the original ticket price.

(Photo: Simon_sees/Flickr Creative Commons)