Frontier stops selling tickets on Expedia

Frontier Airlines announced on Monday that it will no longer be selling tickets on Expedia.

As always, Frontier’s best fares continue to be found on its website at When you book at, Frontier guarantees you’ll get the best travel value with its Best Fare Guarantee. Additionally, Frontier fares will continue to be distributed through a number of other online travel sites.

Long lines lead to rise of wheelchair ‘miracles’

Wheelchairs and attendants are available at airports for the asking. However, some travelers, in a rush to get to the front of the security line, take advantage of this service even though they don’t need it.

A traveler requests a wheelchair, gets pushed to the front of the security line and screened — and then jumps up out of the chair and rushes off into the terminal.

“We call them ‘miracles.’ They just start running with their heavy carry-ons,” said wheelchair attendant Kenny Sanchez, who has been pushing for more than 14 years.

Sloths, speedways and grave sites: Before they were airports

There’s evidence that large creatures roamed the land that now houses Seattle-Tacoma airport.

In February, 1961 a construction crew working in a bog along an airport runway discovered the bones of a 12-foot long sloth, or Megalonyx, that was determined to be more than 12,500 years old.