What we’re reading: Frontier moves flights from PHL to Trenton, AA’s new logo, airlines shift 787 flights


Frontier Airlines to relocate all domestic flights from Philadelphia to Trenton-Mercer Airport

Frontier Airlines will be moving all of its domestic fights out of Philadelphia to Trenton-Mercer airport in Ewing, New Jersey.

The Denver-based airline flies the majority of its flights on routes originating from Denver International Airport, but it needs a base of operations on the East Coast, and Trenton fits perfectly, said Daniel Shurz, Frontier’s vice president of finance.

Becoming a new American
American Airlines has changed its logo. In this video, Chairman and CEO Tom Horton introduces us to the new logo and what’s to come in its new 777s.

Airlines rearrange flights after 787s grounded

Airlines are scrambling to rearrange flights after the 787s have been grounded due to problems with the lithium-ion battery.

The US Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday temporarily grounded Boeing’s newest commercial airliner, saying carriers would have to demonstrate the batteries were safe before the planes could resume flying. It gave no details on when that might happen. Other regulators followed suit on Thursday.

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