What we’re reading: Frontier to charge new fees, Delta to offer LAX-SFO shuttle service, new lounge at Atlanta


Frontier Airlines to charge some customers for carry-ons, drinks

If you’re planning on flying Frontier Airlines, make sure you book directly on their website and, if you’re not an elite level member, bring your own beverages.

The Denver-based carrier will begin charging for carry-on bags by the summer for customers who buy the Basic fare — which is the cheapest bracket only offered on third-party websites.

Beginning in July, the carrier will also begin charging customers with Economy or Basic fares about $2 for onboard beverages, but they will still be free for Ascent and Summit level members.

Delta to offer Los Angeles-San Francisco shuttle service

Delta will start offering shuttle service between Los Angeles and San Francisco on September 3.

Flights will depart from both airports every hour Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 9:00 p.m., for a total of 14 daily flights.

Atlanta Airport’s first ‘common use’ airport lounge opens

Airport Lounge Development (ALD) announced that it has opened a common-use airport lounge at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Guests can be traveling on any airline, with any class of ticket, and simply need to purchase a day pass from reception for $35, or be enrolled in the non-airline affiliated membership program, PriorityPass.