What we’re reading: Hotel exhibit in Vancouver, how airports get their name, Vegas resort beaches


New Vancouver exhibit explains how hotels are shaping modernity

Hotels have come a long way from being a place where travelers can rest to a full-service resort. If you’re going to be in Vancouver, BC, from now until September 15, stop by the Vancouver Art Gallery and check out the exhibit that chronicles how hotels have changed.

It explores the hotel from the beginning — when it was simply a utilitarian place to rest your head — to what it is today: a center of design, a social hub and, sometimes, a destination unto itself.

The Grand Hotel exhibit is broken down into four themes: Travel, Social, Design, and Culture.

What’s in an airport name? Sometimes it’s aviation history

Many airports opened with one name but got their names changed because of history. Here’s a look at some of them.

In 1928, San Diego Municipal Airport was dedicated as Lindbergh Field in honor of Charles A. Lindbergh, who took off nearby on May 10, 1927, for St. Louis, New York and then Paris for what would become the first, solo, non-stop transatlantic flight.

Las Vegas resort beaches offer oasis in middle of the desert

If you’re in Las Vegas, it’s a safe bet that there isn’t an ocean within miles. However, there are several resorts that offer its guests the beach experience right on their property.

A neon beacon of luxury and excess, this desert city features several manmade sand beaches, some decorated with tropical flowers and dotted with towering palms.

As the city gears up for summer, here’s a look at a few places to find that tropical fix you may have been seeking.

(Photo: *MandyJ*/Flickr Creative Commons)