What we’re reading: JetBlue pilots vote to join union, airline rankings, what every traveler should pack


JetBlue pilots vote to join union

JetBlue pilots voted to join the Air Line Pilots Association after twice voting against the proposal in the past.

The change in sentiment came about “so that we have the ability to improve our professional careers,” said Gustavo Rivera and Rocky Durham, co-chairmen of the JetBlue organizing committee, in a statement on the union’s website. “We also want to work with management to ensure we continue to contribute positively to JetBlue’s success. We believe in JetBlue,” the two pilots added.

US airlines lowest in travel satisfaction rankings

Airlines have taken a beating in the rankings lately, as we pointed out recently. This study, at least, shows that they’re not at the bottom of the heap.

The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index found that airlines scored 69 on a 100-point scale, compared with 75 for hotels and 77 for Internet travel agencies. Though that grade was unchanged for air carriers from the year before, only subscription TV service, social media and Internet service ranked lower among other industries tracked.

The 6 tiny things every traveler should always pack

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, there are some things you should think about packing.

1. A flash drive

This is for all the “what if” eventualities that arise on the road. What if plans change and you need to print new confirmations or tickets? What if your smartphone memory maxes out, but you’re unwilling to delete photos and don’t feel confident keeping them on just your laptop? What if you want to easily copy a bunch of photos taken by a new traveling friend? That’s where a thumb drive comes in handy. We won’t settle for less than 3GB.