What we’re reading: JetBlue premium seating, AA to install runway overrun safety technology, Ryanair CEO likes the 787


JetBlue announces premium seating on transcontinental flights

JetBlue will be installing premium seats on flights between New York and Los Angeles and New York and San Francisco.

JetBlue, [Chief Commercial Officer Robin] Hayes said, needs to add premium seating “to be truly competitive.”

He did not, however, say how many premium seats will be available on each flight, whether they will be lie-flat, or whether they will be in a separate cabin.

American to install runway overrun safety technology on planes

American Airlines will be the first airline to install the Runway Overrun Prevention System on its planes.

The system uses aircraft weight, speed, position, weather, runway topography, and other relevant factors to determine if a landing pilot will be able to stop safely.

Ryanair CEO: Boeing 787 problems ‘regulatory crap’

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary paid a visit to CNBC studios and had some interesting insights as to his decision on buying Boeing 737s and also the 787 issues with the battery.

The Irish airline just purchased 175 of Boeing’s next generation 737 jets for $15.6 billion. But the oft-outspoken O’Leary said in a “Squawk Box” interview that he would have been just as happy with the Dreamliner if “Boeing wanted to sell me lot of 787s, cheaply.”