What we’re reading: JetBlue wins by losing, Alaska Airlines ops affected by outage, ExpertFlyer’s seat alerts app


JetBlue: Free flights for disgruntled voters

JetBlue has an offer for those who say they’ll leave if the other candidate wins.

The New York airline said Wednesday that it will give away 2012 seats, or 1,006 round-trip flights, for customers who come out on the losing end of the battle between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Alaska Airlines operations returning to normal

Alaska Airlines operations are returning to normal after a system-wide outage on Monday.

The problems started shortly before 8 a.m. when computers the airline uses to check in passengers went down, forcing employees to board travelers manually — in some instances sticking handwritten flight numbers to computer monitors.

ExpertFlyer launches seat alert app

ExpertFlyer has launched an app for the iPhone that will alert you if your desired seat becomes available.

The tool basically takes a look at the seats available for each flight on which you’re traveling then alerts you when something changes.

(Photo: mrkathika/Flickr Creative Commons)