This holiday season, JetBlue decided to do something special for those who wanted to share a ride to get home for the holidays. Take a look. It’ll touch your heart.

13 from 2013: Merger complete, American faces long integration

Now that the merger between US Airways and American Airlines is complete, AA faces a long road ahead when it comes to integration.

The next year will be spent choosing which technology systems to use, instituting employee work rules and deciding which customer policies will remain in place.

For example, American allows pets to fly in the cargo hold while US Airways does not. American also allows unaccompanied minor children to have connecting flights while US Airways will only allow unaccompanied children to fly direct.

Southwest Airlines struggles with being on time

Although Southwest is a customer favorite, it is struggling to get passengers to their destinations on time.

But recently, Dallas-based Southwest has had the worst on-time rates in America — a shocking turn for an airline that once topped the industry in punctuality year after year and regularly bragged about it.