What we’re reading: JetBlue’s GoPack, remembering the DC-10, Disney parks raise ticket prices


It’s no All-You-Can-Jet, but JetBlue’s ‘GoPack’ is back for 2014

JetBlue is bringing back its GoPack, where you can buy flights in bulk, for 2014.

The GoPacks go on sale starting today through March 31 (“while supplies last”) and here’s how they work:

· Buy a set “GoPack” of 6 or 10 one-way flights on shop.jetblue.com.
· Pay the price, ranging from $739 (intra-California 6-pack) to $1,669 (New York to Florida 10-pack).
· Receive codes to book the flights that fit within your selected GoPack cities (see all below).
· Fly your GoPack flights between February 25 and June 17, 2014 (blackout dates April 11-28).
· Earn TrueBlue miles, though exact mileage varies from GoPack to GoPack

Remembering the DC-10: End of an era or good riddance?

We’ve all probably flown the DC-10 at one time or another. What did you think of the airplane? Tom Richardson takes a look back.

But its early history was marred by several high-profile crashes as the result of a fatal design flaw.

‘Horrific accidents’

A new, outward-opening cargo door did not latch properly, leaving the cabin prone to depressurising.

In 1974, a Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashed 10 minutes after taking off from Paris, killing 346 people. Modifications to all DC-10 cargo doors were ordered by the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Disney Parks hike ticket prices, making one day for one person nearly $100

Prepare to shell out more money when you visit the parks at Walt Disney World.

This time all four parks are going up in cost by $4 per day, and it’s the Magic Kingdom leading them all. It will now set back one visitor $99 to check things out for the day, and when tax is added onto things that’s $105.44. Of course Disney wants you to stay longer than one day, and the tickets for multi-day visits work out to be a better value.