What we’re reading: JFK plane skids off runway, JetBlue & Southwest cancel flights, Boeing union votes yes


JFK airport reopens after plane skids off runway, causes closure (VIDEO)

JFK airport reopened late Sunday morning after a plane from Toronto skidded off an icy taxiway.

“The aircraft slipped off a taxiway and onto a grassy area while taxiing to the terminal,” Delta spokeswoman Kristin Baur said. “The aircraft was towed to the gate and passengers were deplaned at the terminal.”

JetBlue, Southwest halt some flights amid freeze

JetBlue stopped all flights to and from New York and Boston on Monday hoping to restart service sometime on Tuesday. Southwest canceled all flights in Chicago because of the deep freeze.

JetBlue, which has major operations in Boston and New York, was among the hardest hit. By late afternoon Monday, it had scrubbed 425 flights, or nearly half its schedule for the day. Some passengers at Boston’s Logan Airport had been stuck for two days, sleeping on cots and chairs.

[Southwest] spokesman Brad Hawkins said that the extreme cold made tasks such as refueling so much longer and more difficult that the airline couldn’t keep its usual schedule. Southwest hoped to reopen at Midway by Monday evening, he said.

Boeing machinists union narrowly vote YES on contract to build 777X jet in Washington

Boeing’s machinists union voted to accept a contract proposal to build the 777X in Seattle.

By a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent, the unionized workers who build Boeing planes accepted a deal that eliminates their pensions but guarantees the work on Boeing’s 777X program through 2024.

(Photo: Roger Lockwood/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • dcta

    Per JetBlue – I have to say this……..I realize that there are people who really were terribly disconvenienced (a word?) yesterday and would not recognize what I’m about to say as “good”, but here goes…

    I sat on on hold for over an hour starting mid-afternoon yesterday with several clients to re-accommodate. It was not just people stuck in NYC or Boston, but people all over the country who were impacted down the line on their flights back to different parts of the east coast. First, JetBlue has the BEST on-hold music of any airline (while Southwest has the funniest and most fun on-hold messages). But second – one of my colleagues (actually about 20 miles away from me) was the first one to get through the JetBlue and thanks to the miracle of IP phones, we were able to round-robin with a wonderful JetBlue Res Agent who allowed up to pass her from Agent to Agent, city to town to city to town. She took care of several of us and our clients. AND she was kind, polite, had a sense of humor and never lost her cool!!!!

    Bravo Jet Blue!!!