Liam Corcoran, 11-year-old boy, flies from Manchester to Rome without passport, ticket

An 11-year old boy managed to sneak away from his mother during a shopping trip, head over to Manchester (UK) airport, and board a flight without a ticket or a passport.

Liam Corcoran was able to board a flight to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport by “mingling with families” going through security, without having a passport or boarding pass, according to the BBC.

Corcoran ran to the nearest departing flight gate and was able to evade a head count before getting on a Jet2 flight.

Passenger video shows terrifying aborted landing on Boeing 737

A Sky Airlines 737 had to abort its landing after its right wing struck the runway and damaged it.

Skip to minute 2:11 to see the moment of the landing. You will see the plane tilting heavily to the right, moving to the left of the runway as if it were being pushed by extreme crosswind. You can then see the bump when the wing hits the runway. At that moment, the pilot throttles up and starts going up and to the right in a very dangerous maneuver.

Heathrow to cope with growing Olympics influx

Heathrow airport is handling the growing influx of passengers well and it expects to be able to handle Thursday’s arrivals.

London Heathrow — Europe’s busiest airport — expects to handle around 250,000 passengers on Thursday, including around 125,000 arrivals. Some 1,200 athletes are due to fly into Heathrow as part of around 4,000 Games-related arrivals.

(Photo: Andy_Mitchell_UK/Flickr Creative Commons)