What we’re reading: Las Vegas number of visitors grow in 2011, Spirit is proud of extra fees, TAM pilot attacked by passenger, Delta flash mob


Las Vegas attracts second-highest number of visitors since 2007

Las Vegas saw a strong showing in the number of visitors last year. The number of visitors grew by 4.3 percent in 2011, the second best on record.

The city attracted 38.9 million visitors in 2011, second only to the 39.2 million visitors Las Vegas attracted in 2007, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The LVCVA is projecting a record 40 million visitors this year.

Spirit Airlines proud to be ‘poster child’ for extra fees

If it’s one thing that Spirit Airlines is known for is extra fees. CEO Ben Baldanza couldn’t be more proud.

“We wear it as a badge of honor,” [Baldanza] says.

The Florida-based airline was the first to charge for carry-on bags, the first to charge for a boarding pass at the airport and, in a gutsy move earlier this month, the first to add a fee largely to protest new government regulations.

Brazil pilot attacked by passenger, jet forced to land

Brazil’s TAM was forced to make an emergency landing when a passenger attacked the pilot.

The TAM Airlines jet was en route from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Sao Paulo when a man who some passengers said was wearing a TAM identification badge got into the cockpit because the door was open. Shortly after, the plane dove to the right, causing passengers to scream and the pilot to yell for help over the speaker system.

Delta Airlines flash mob across America

(Photo: Moyan_Breen/Flickr Creative Commons)

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