What we’re reading: Legends of Chima comes to Legoland California, Delta’s sleep kits, TSA agent helps woman who fell on tracks



LEGOLAND® California resort is moving mountains in order to open new LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park on Memorial Day weekend!

The LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park presented by Cartoon Network is moving from Lake Elsinore to LEGOLAND California in Carlsbad.

The floating mountain, known for providing the great energy source “CHI” to the eight animal tribes, is 23 feet tall, 13 feet wide and weighs more than 11,000 pounds. Mt. Cavora can be seen from anywhere inside the Water Park as it “floats” 40-feet above the wave pool releasing 400 gallons of water every minute for guests to splash about and enjoy.

Delta introduces sleep kits for international economy customers and adds new amenities

If you’re flying internationally on Delta in Economy class, you’ll be able to get a sleep kit consisting of individual eyeshades plus earplugs.

In addition, on all trans-Atlantic flights of 3,850 miles or less from the U.S. to Europe, customers in the Economy cabin will receive a full-size bottle of water following meal service and updated snack offerings for morning and afternoon/evening arrivals. A mid-flight ice cream service will also be offered on these flights returning from Europe to the U.S.

Man jumps in front of CTA train after woman falls on tracks

When TSA agent Eddie Palacios saw the commotion at Chicago Avenue station of the Blue Line and found out that a woman had fallen on the tracks, he jumped between her and the approaching train.

The train did slow down, the woman did make it back to the platform, and Palacios found himself shrugging off repeated praise for what he did, including from his boss in Washington, D.C.

“I was more trying to get everything together in my head, as to whether it was a dumb act, but I don’t think so,” Palacios said Thursday morning. “People on the train asked what happened, I said someone fell and I was just trying to help out a little bit. It wasn’t a big deal for me.”