What we’re reading: Mac vs. PC on Orbitz, how airlines spend your airfare, emergency oxygen goes back in lavatories


Orbitz revealed that if you use a Mac to search for hotels through its website, you will pay more than if you were using a PC.

According to the Wall Street Journal, travel site Orbitz has been able to segment its audience in Apple and Windows camps. The upshot: Mac users will pay $20 to $30 a night more on hotels than PC users.

How airlines spend your airfare

Ever wonder how airlines spend our airfare? The Wall Street Journal gives us a breakdown.

Somebody on every flight helps cover crash insurance and compensation paid for bumped passengers or lost luggage. The person beside you on your next trip may be partly paying to repair baggage carts or to buy and maintain passenger oxygen and defibrillators

FAA orders airlines to put emergency oxygen back in plane bathrooms

The FAA Is ordering airliens to put emergency oxygen systems back in airplane lavatories.

The FAA said at the time that the decision to remove them was made in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration and the FBI as a precautionary measure unrelated to a specific terrorist threat.’

The airlines will have 2 to 4 years to put the oxygen back in as they develop a safe and secure system.

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    Regarding the Orbitz hotel listings, the linked CNet article is rather misleading. 

    According to the WSJ article that the CNet story is based on, what Orbitz is doing is adjusting the default sorting of search results.  The same room at the same hotel will have the same price regardless of whether the search is initiated from a Mac or a PC, but the search results from a Mac will put more boutique hotels and more 4- and 5-star hotels near the top of the results.  If the person doing the search chooses a specific sort parameter, such as price or review rating, they will get the same results regardless of their computer platform.