What we’re reading: Magical Forest in Las Vegas, UK strike to affect airports and airlines, airlines cut small jets


Opportunity Village Magical Forest Llghts up the Las Vegas night – photos

If you plan on being in Las Vegas between now and New Year’s Eve, make sure you stop by Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest.

What has more than three million lights, covers three acres, offers a food court, a train ride, a carousel, minature golf course and is celebrating its 20th anniversary? Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest in Las Vegas. Opportunity Village is the favorite charity of Las Vegas and provides intellectually challenged individuals with the opportunity to lead normal, productive lives.

What is Opportunity Village’s biggest fund raising event? Magical Forest, that special holiday place with millions of lights and magical scenes that come to life to the delight of everyone.

Note that the website mentioned in the article for Magical Forest is incorrect. The correct link is http://www.opportunityvillage.org/magical_forest.php.

UK public sector strike to hit airports, airlines

Delays are expected Wednesday at UK’s airports, especially Heathrow, with UK Border Agency immigration officers are expected to join the one-day public sector strike.

LHR operator BAA said in a statement that it is “very concerned” about the strike’s potential impact on international passenger processing at the busy airport, and it has written to airlines asking them to reduce the number of passengers due to arrive on Wednesday. “We understand many airlines are making it as easy as possible to rebook,” BAA said.

Airlines cut small jets as fuel prices soar

Airlines are slowly phasing out small jets and turboprops resulting in reduced service to smaller airports.

Airlines are getting rid of these planes – their least-efficient – in response to the high cost of fuel. Delta, United Continental, and other big airlines are expected to park, scrap or sell hundreds of jets with 50 seats or fewer in coming years. Small propeller planes are meeting the same fate.

The loss of those planes is leaving some little cities with fewer flights or no flights at all.

(Photo: ShardsOfBlue/Flickr Creative Commons)