What we’re reading: Malaysia Airlines cuts US flights, Southwest wins 54 DCA slots, Delta’s in-flight safety video


Malaysia Airlines withdraws from the USA

Malaysia Airlines has decided to stop offering direct service between Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles because it is no longer “economically viable.”

The national carrier said it would continue to promote connectivity between Malaysia, United States and other key international destinations, as well as, contribute towards the overall efforts by the various authorities to increase tourist arrivals to Malaysia.

Southwest wins 54 slots at Reagan National

Southwest Airlines won 54 slots at Reagan National from American Airlines’ required divestiture as a condition of approval to the merger between the airline and US Airways.

Southwest said the 54 slots would enable it to add 27 departures from the airport.

The airline said it would be able to announce fares and schedules for the new flights later this quarter and would be able to operate the service beginning in the third quarter.


Delta does it again with totally rad 1980s-inspired safety video

Delta has just released a safety video with 80’s-style theme music and characters.

The 80s inspired music in the background features plenty of synthesizer and other retro beats, and of course everyone is sporting some great hairstyles. Teddy Ruxpin is there doing his thing before takeoff, there are plenty of legwarmers, and the passengers aboard the plane aren’t exactly sure what to do with that thing called WiFi.

This blogger found the safety video rather boring. Airlines Stateside should take a cue from Air New Zealand’s safety videos as they are very upbeat and entertaining.

  • Alex

    All it’s missing is [the late] Peter Graves…