Man steals $6,500 Rolex watch from TSA checkpoint at Fort Lauderdale airport

You often hear of TSA officers stealing items from passengers. This time, however, an unknown passenger was caught on tape stealing from another passenger.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, a man stole a Rolex watch valued at $6,500 from another passenger at the security checkpoint of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

The event was captured on TSA video surveillance as Gloria de Regalado placed her watch and other belongings into a bin to be screened while she prepared walk through scanners herself. At the other end, another man was picking up his belonging and reached into her bin and took the watch.

Lion Air firms up Boeing’s largest order ever; launch customer for 737 MAX 9

Indonesia’s Lion Air has become the launch customer for Boeing’s new 737 MAX 9, placing Boeing’s largest order ever.

Indonesian carrier Lion Air (JT) has firmed up its agreement with Boeing announced in November to buy 201 Boeing 737 MAXs and 29 737-900ERs in a $22.4 billion contract that is Boeing’s largest ever. JT also acquired purchase rights for a further 150 737s.

Female passengers say they’re targeted by TSA

Women passengers complain that they are often targeted for extra screening by the TSA.

A Dallas woman says TSA agents repeatedly asked her to step back into a body scanning machine at DFW International Airport. “I feel like I was totally exposed,” said Ellen Terrell, who is a wife and mother. “They wanted a nice good look.”

Terrell says she walked into the body scanner which creates an image that a TSA agent in another room reviews. Terrell says she tried to leave, but the female agent stopped her. “She says, ‘Wait, we didn’t get it,’” recalls Terrell, who claims the TSA agent sent her back a second time and even a third. But that wasn’t good enough.

CBS 11 Investigation Leads To New TSA Legislation

In response to the CBS 11 News (DFW) investigation (see story above), New York Senator Charles Schumer wants to introduce legislation that would “give passengers a way to complain if they feel mistreated.”

Senator Schumer kicked off his news conference in New York on Sunday by referencing Ellen Terrell, the female passenger who spoke out to CBS 11 earlier this month.

And, Schumer was not only familiar with [Ellen] Terrell’s claims but also the complaints our investigation exposed from other female travelers.

(Photo: Alexandre Prévot/Flickr Creative Commons)