The most expensive New Year’s Eve dinners in Las Vegas

If you’re going to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve and want to throw your money away, spend it at one of these venues.

Strip restaurants are rolling out the red carpet to accommodate [foodies] with holiday buffets and prix fixe meals.

Here’s a look at some of Las Vegas’ most expensive New Year’s Eve dining options and what $300, $400, $500 or more will buy you:

Eco-friendly indoor ski resort coming to Barcelona

We’ve all heard of indoor pools, and indoor ice skating rinks. Now SnowWorld will bring an indoor ski resort to Barcelona.

SnowWorld specializes in building ski domes that allow skiers to hit the (artificial) slopes all year round, and have been using a host of creative techniques to make their buildings more sustainable. For instance, the company has designed buildings that recycle the heat generated from their snow-making machines for use in creating hot water. But the Barcelona project is their first attempt to completely eliminate the energy needs of one of their facilities.

Transaero inks MoU for four Boeing 787s

Transaero has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing to purchase four 787s.

The aircraft will feature three-class cabins seating about 262 passengers, according to UN. The carrier did not disclose the delivery dates but market experts said the first aircraft is planned for 2014.

(Photo: RLHyde/Flickr creative commons)