What we’re reading: Munich votes down runway, 737 MAX will have few upgrades, air traffic controllers still napping


Residents reject third runway at Munich

Local residents have rejected the development of a third runway at Munich airport.

Just over 54 percent of polled voters were against the new runway and 45.7 percent in favor, according to Sunday’s preliminary results.

“The fact that a relative majority of Munich residents voted against the construction of a third takeoff and landing strip shows how difficult it has become to make clear the significance of important infrastructure projects in our country,” MUC chief Michael Kerkloh said in a statement.

Boeing keeps MAX upgrades on short leash

Boeing said that it will try to stick to the basics when it comes to the 737 MAX.

Besides the improvements they expect from the new aircraft’s CFM Leap-1B engines, Boeing is keeping a tight rein on the technology risks of the biggest upgrade to the 737 since the Next Generation series was launched nearly 20 years ago. To make the MAX work, Boeing needs to distinguish it from rival Airbus’s A320NEO while raising the benchmark of what its customers can expect in performance and reliability.

Air traffic controllers aren’t keeping to no-doze schedule

Accoding to internal FAA documents, air traffic controllers have violated the “no-doze” regulations nearly 4,000 times.

But a memo to more than 400 frontline FAA managers this month said a five-month internal review earlier this year uncovered repeated violations of a requirement that controllers have at least nine hours off between shifts. More than half of the airport control towers were found to have violated the rule at least once. One facility broke the rule scores of times.

(Photo: yisris/Flickr Creative Commons)

  • Deus Lux

    Shame about MUC not expanding it is a great
    airport for connections.

    The whole design of the airport is first
    class—bright and airy.

    The German airline’s name of Lufthansa came
    from luft their word for air and MUC’s design fits quite well with that thought.

    Even the jetways are glass which saves you
    the feeling of being like a condemned prisoner on their way to the gallows…

    In fact I like flying from MCO to CLT to go
    through Munich even though I could go direct from MCO to the efficient but warehouse
    feel of FRA.

    Another benefit is that if you are delayed
    overnight there is a lot of ‘Old Europe’ to see in Munich than in the more
    modern city of Frankfurt.