What we’re reading: National Parks for free, international travel drives merger, GE jet engine inspection


All U.S. national parks free next weekend

The National Park Service announced that on June 5 and June 6, more than 100 parks will have free admission.

The NPS has announced that it is continuing its very popular free admissions program, and on June 5 and 6, more than 100 parks will throw open their gates and waive the entrance fee to all guests.

The complete list of parks that will be free next weekend can be found by clicking here, and there are certainly some great places to visit on the list, no matter what part of the country you are in.

UAL/CAL say long-haul travel drives merger bid

CEOs of United Airlines and Continental Airlines told a senate subcommittee that creating the world’s largest airline will not harm competition.

“The changing dynamics of the airline industry have resulted in robust competition that maintains significant downward pressure on fares,” Tilton and Smisek said in joint testimony.

The executives pointed to the potency of Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic carrier by domestic passenger volume, and rivals with strong international ties, as evidence the industry can absorb consolidation.

Jet engine failures overseas prompt ‘urgent’ NTSB recommendation here

The failure of General Electric engines on four aircrafts overseas has prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to urgently recommend inspection of the engines on domestic aircraft.

None of the incidents resulted in crashes, injuries or fatalities. But in all four cases, engine parts penetrated the engine housing.

Such “uncontained engine failures” are particularly dangerous because flying engine parts could puncture fuel or hydraulic lines, damage flight surfaces or even penetrate the fuselage and injure passengers.

(Photo: darren.murph/Flickr Creative Commons)