What we’re reading: New cruise ships, weird city nicknames, baby named after flight attendant


New cruise ships coming in 2013


Several cruise lines are ready to launch new ships in 2013.

The two ships that will garner the most attention for North American cruise travelers are 141,000-ton Royal Princess from Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line’s New York City-themed, 146,600-ton Norwegian Breakaway.

City nicknames we’d rather not hear

Be careful when you travel and talk to the natives about their city. There are names for their city that makes them cringe.

Aaargh. Also right up there is “Frisco.” Let me just tell you that Californians do not, ever, under any circumstances, refer to their state as “Cali,” nor “The City” as “Frisco.”

Woman gives birth mid-flight, names baby after flight attendant

A woman who gave birth mid-flight named the baby after the flight attendant who helped her.

A woman flying to Armenia from Siberia gave birth aboard an Armavaia flight, Huffington Post reported, and, after landing safely with a healthy baby in tow, named her newborn after the flight attendant who helped deliver the child.