What we’re reading: New United airport club, Southwest’s no-show fee, radar vehicles at Logan


United reveals new airport lounge design

United Airlines revealed a new United Club design in Chicago which will open to the public on December 20.

Design facets of the club are a mixture of the Continental and United brands, folded into tones of travel and warmth. The spherical lights over the bar, for example, symbolize the updated company logo. Tables and lights are modeled after jet engines, while the swept ceiling looks like a wing. Even the bathrooms, which have 787 Dreamliner-style mirrors, reflect the airline’s livery.

Southwest to introduce no-show fee

Southwest Airlines will introduce a no-show fee for the most restrictive ticket that customers book but fail to use.

“This should add ancillary revenue and promote customer behavior that allows us to resell the open seat prior to departure, so you have a double-win there,” said Robert Jordan, the company’s chief operations officer.

More radar, less radio for safer takeoffs and landings

In 2009, US Airways Flight 27 was taking off on runway 15R when a pickup truck drove into its path. Luckily, the aircraft lifted off two seconds before possible collision.

A new ground-traffic program, developed partly in response to the 2009 Flight 27 close call, equips ground vehicles at Logan with identifying transmitters so they are easily seen and labeled on radar in the control tower.

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  • Carrie Charney

    How about some upgraded snacks to go with the decor. I wonder why San Diego is being upgraded but not Newark, a hub.

  • Anonymous

    I believe those cities listed were planned *new* clubs. Remodels were not listed by city.