What we’re reading: New NY app, TSA fights image problem, US Airways fined


Smartsave, the biggest international attraction and tourist promotional site, launches its second city guide app — New York for Less

The makers of London for Less, Smartsave, launched their second iPhone App called New York for Less.

New York for Less includes all the features of the London for Less app: a fully searchable street map, an interactive Subway map, a guide to New York’s top attractions and a whole host of discounts to many of the best tourist sites across New York.

TSA fights major image problem

Despite the fact that 44 screeners at Newark Liberty Airport, 43 employees at Southwest Florida International Airport, and 23 employees at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, either face or have faced disciplinary action, TSA administrator John Pistole said that these cases don’t represent an “endemic problem.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s a pattern,” Pistole said in an interview, citing the millions of passengers and bags TSA processes and a workforce, at 450 locations, the size of a small city. He has established an Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate allegations of misconduct. “I would not say [it’s] pervasive or systemic across the board.”

US Airways fined $354,500 over jet fuel pump

The FAA has proposed levying a fine of $354,500 on US Airways for operating flights without completing testing of a new fuel pump.

The federal agency said the airline operated a Boeing 757 jet on 916 flights after replacing a leaking engine fuel pump on Aug. 3, 2010. But the FAA said the airline failed to carry out federally required tests and inspections before the airline began to carry passengers.

  • johnp

    After their arrests and ultimate convictions the recently fired TSA agents will find their criminal skills can be used very successfully at The Port of Miami(POM). From the time a cruise passenger hands their luggage to a handler until the time it arrives in your stateroom, they can join the other crooks that repeated steal from passengers’ luggage time and time again. And they will not be arrested, as the cruise lines will simply refer you to the Guest Relations desk who will ultimately tell you “no one turned in your stolen personal items.” Or, after reporting it to the Miami Police, they will sweet talk you and also do nothing.

  • mjhooper

    Tell me again why anyone would cruise out of POM? Not enough else to do in the whole united states?

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