What we’re reading: Oktoberfest 2012, Lufthansa’s new LCC, floating airport dream



What you need to know about Oktoberfest 2012

Soon Germany, and some cities in the US, will be celebrating Oktoberfest. AOL talked to Isabella Schopp, from the Munich Tourism Bureau to find out all about Oktoberfest.

Lufthansa to launch new low cost carrier

Lufthansa plans to merge its European and German routes under a new low-cost brand.

Lufthansa also announced on Wednesday that it plans to build a logistics center at Frankfurt Airport to replace an old cargo center, with the investment pegged at a mid triple-digit million euro sum.

Heathrow replacement a floating airport?

An American architectural firm is envisioning replacing Heathrow with a set of floating platforms anchored in the Thames Estuary.

It’s not the first design of its kind, but it may get top marks for looks, released to the world this month with a colorful set of renderings that depict a setting worthy of a science fiction classic. Curved domes enclose passenger lounges connected by bridges to runways that can be swapped in and out for maintenance as needed. Passenger terminals would be scattered in three locations around the city, linked by rail and ferries to the departure gates.