What we’re reading: Olympians help Qantas, mobile app bookings soar, Orlando to Miami airport train?



Qantas’ new video asks Olympians to ‘Brace, Brace’

Qantas got help from Australia’s Olympians and Paralympians to perform the in-flight safety demonstration.

The Red Roo has enlisted famous Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes to demonstrate brace positions and how to find an exit in the event of an emergency. Since the airline sponsors the entire team of runners, swimmers and other sports people, it make sense to highlight their accomplishments.

Bookings via mobile apps soar

As more and more people purchase smartphones and more and more travel apps come on to the market, new research suggests that bookings through smartphones are on the rise.

Almost 40% of the nearly 2,400 smartphone users surveyed by Atmosphere Research Group said they intended to use their mobile device to book a hotel stay, while 27% indicated a willingness to use their iPhones to reserve hotel rooms, book car rentals and buy airplane tickets.

Orlando International Airport studying plans to add train station and an eventual new terminal

Orlando International Airport will be meeting with several airlines and railways affiliates to discuss adding a train station that would run from Orlando to Miami.

As part of a deal that would bring a train station serving the local Orlando area to the airport, it would also be capable handling an eventual high-speed rail hub, and would see the construction of another parking garage of 3,500 spaces to accommodate rental car agencies wanting more space on airport property. The new station would be build on what is now the south cell-phone waiting lot.