Troubled American backed by oneworld partners

American Airlines’ oneworld partners are supporting the airline during its bankruptcy.

“We’ve absolutely no concerns whatsoever about what American is doing,” Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways and Iberia parent International Airlines Group (IAG), told reporters during a press conference in New York to announce Qatar Airways’ invitation to join oneworld (ATW Daily News, Oct. 8).

All three airline alliances undergoing big changes

Airline alliances like oneworld and Star Alliance are seeing changes in their membership. Some airlines are going with bilateral agreements rather than alliances.

Most carriers seem to prefer strong bilateral ties over the global groups that are sometimes too restrictive in allowing their members other partnerships and too demanding in terms of integration of sales tools.

Are airlines risking the lives of allergy sufferers?

For those with food allergies, food on a plane may be a bigger risk than crashing.

In a recent study published in the journal Clinical and Translational Allergy, 32 patients with a nut or peanut allergy were studied to see how they coped with travel. Findings showed instances such as a crew member patting a passenger’s arm while saying “poor you” after they explained people could not eat nuts around them. Another study subject was served a walnut salad after informing the airline of their nut allergy.