What we’re reading: Parker confident on merger, furloughs may violate treaty, UA to open LA 787 base


US Air CEO ‘highly confident’ merger will close

US Airways’ Doug Parker is highly confident that the merger will be allowed to go through.

“We will close. I’m highly confident of that,” he added.

Speaking at a gathering of restructuring advisers — including the attorneys and other experts who worked on American’s Chapter 11 case — in Washington, Mr. Parker defended the merger and the competitive benefits he says it will bring ahead of a Nov. 25 antitrust trial.

Furloughing FAA inspectors and NTSB investigators may violate international aviation treaty

The furloughs of 3,000 FAA aviation safety inspectors and NTSB accident investigators could put the US in default of its treaty obligations under the Chicago Convention.

According to Loretta Alkalay, the FAA’s former top lawyer in NY, “It’s hard to imagine that the FAA can meet its ICAO obligations without 3000 inspectors. After all, it’s impossible to perform required surveillance and oversight functions without inspectors.”

Report: United to open 787 base in Los Angeles

United Airlines will add 787 pilots to its base at LAX.

The pilot base will be the carrier’s first for the Dreamliner outside Houston Intercontinental since it started flying the aircraft in November 2012.

United is rapidly growing its 787 network to Asia-Pacific. It currently flies the aircraft from Los Angeles to both Shanghai Pudong and Tokyo Narita, and from Denver to Tokyo, and is scheduled to place it on flights from Seattle to Tokyo in February 2014 and from San Francisco to Osaka in April 2014.