Passenger’s actions on flight diverted to Memphis land lifetime ban from Delta

When his flight from Dallas to Atlanta got delayed, Bryan Sisco did what some of his fellow passengers did: go to an airport bar. Only this time, it landed him in jail.

Sisco decided to ride out the delay in a bar after already downing a few beers on his way to the airport, according to the police report.

It ended in handcuffs, a three-day stint in the Shelby County Jail, being stripped “buck naked” twice and a lifetime ban from Delta Air Lines for Bryan Sisco, 40.

In between is the odd story of a flight diverted to Memphis last Friday after Sisco bragged to a young woman that he had a gas canister that could put everyone onboard to sleep.

Best ice cream in America not just from a shop

Laurel Miller give us a roundup of her favorite “ice cream shops, farmers market stands, food trucks, and carts.”

If your travel plans include a visit to one of these cities, be sure to drop by for a dairy or non-dairy fix; most of these places do offer sorbet, or coconut milk or soy substitutes. Some also sell via mail order and at other retail outlets; check each site for details.

House OKs Chicago casino, slots at O’Hare, Midway

Illinois’ House of Representatives has approved a gambling package.

[The bill ihncludes] provisions for a land-based casino in Chicago or a riverboat gambling palace on Lake Michigan, four more casinos around the state, and slot machines at racetracks and Chicago’s two airports.