What we’re reading: Passengers bumped for fuel, play games at JFK T5, Delta phasing out certain planes


Virgin passengers bumped to make room for extra fuel

Two passengers were removed by police from a Virgin Blue flight when they refused to be bumped so the plane can carry extra fuel.

The flight from Melbourne to Bali needed extra fuel to compensate for bad weather along the route.

The pilot asked for two passengers to leave the flight voluntarily. When nobody offered, the last two people to board the plane were chosen.

JetBlue and Nintendo bring gaming (temporarily) to JFK airport

Next time you find yourself stuck in T5 at JFK, you can play the latest games on Nintendo’s 3DS.

From April 22 to May 30, JetBlue is teaming up with Nintendo to offer a grandstand complete with new Nintendo 3DS games.

The program will be at JetBlue’s ever-fun Terminal 5 and will include 3D experiences such as flight simulators, submarine navigation games, Madden NFL and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Delta to retire ‘least efficient aircraft’ as it smarts from $318m loss

Delta will be phasing out its “least efficient aircraft” after suffering a $318 million loss.

Delta plans to retire 130 aircraft over the next 18 months, which includes all McDonnell Douglas DC 9-50 and Saab turboprop aircraft along with 60 50-seat regional jets. The company expects that after Labor Day, system capacity will be down approximately 3% from a year ago. Trans-Atlantic capacity will be down 8% to 10% by the end of the fourth quarter.

(Photo: mikecogh/Flickr Creative Commons)