What we’re reading: Putting military personnel first, can 777 compete with A350? Bets on social gaming sites



Galley gossip: giving thanks to military men and women this Memorial Day

Monday was when most people from the United States observed Memorial Day. In this essay, flight attendant Heather Poole shares a touching story related to her by her friend Art, who gave up his seat in First Class and gave it to a soldier.

As a perk for flying a “few thousand” miles a year with American Airlines, I’d been upgraded from coach to first with its wider seats, more legroom, free drinks and more.

I stood up, took a couple of steps back towards the soldier, and gently tapped his left shoulder. As he turned around I simply requested his boarding pass. To my surprise he promptly handed it over. A simple gesture of appreciation: the palm of my left hand showing him the direction to my seat.

Leahy: 777 cannot compete with A350-1000

Airbus COO-customer John Leahy said that the Airbus A350-1000 will “beat the Boeing 777-300ER on range and fuel burn per passenger.”

Even though there have been no new orders for the A350-1000 since 2008, Leahy was bullish about its prospects. “Boeing only started talking about a new 777X after the A350-1000 came out,” he said. “Boeing knows the 777 won’t compete and that’s why they talk about folding wings and crazy things like that,” he said.

Gaming companies place bets on social gaming sites

Don’t expect MGM Resorts to open any more casinos on the strip anytime soon. Instead, they plan on launching a free social gaming site in June.

Think of Farmville meets Bellagio.

MGM Resorts Chairman Jim Murren told an audience at the Southern Gaming Summit earlier this month in Biloxi, Miss., that a convergence of casino gaming and social media will be “the next big thing in our industry.”